Where to Buy Forskolin : Is It Available To Everyone Today?

How Your Metabolism Works with Weight Loss


Updated Jan 15, 2017

We're here to tell you exactly where to buy Forskolin, ie Coleus Forskohlii, in stores such as GNC and Vitamin Shoppe, or on online websites like SupplementHunt or Amazon.

Indeed, the weight loss supplement diet pill, Forskolin, has been hitting the shelves, left and right.

It is one of the most popular weight loss pill on the supplements market today.

But first, let’s go over the basics.

where to buy forskolin online

What Is Forskolin ?

Related to the mint family, Forskolin is produced by the plant Coleus Forskohlii. The plant grows in several arid regions of India, Asia, and Africa.

For hundreds of years, Forskolin extract is used as a traditional medicinal supplement to treat respiratory and heart disorders, such as high blood pressure, asthma, and angina.

Forskolin extract can be administered through IV’s, as Coleus Forskolii eye drops or as a powdered substance. Its administration treat skin allergies and conditions, like eczema, urinary tract infections, blood clots, and insomnia.

Recently, TV celebrity, Dr. OZ, reviewed the plant, Coleus Forskohlii, on his daytime talk show. He praised the supplements weight loss and health benefits.

What Stores Sell Forskolin ? 

There are many options where to buy Forskolin.

You can purchase premium pure Forskolin supplements at any Walmart, GNC, CVS and Vitamin Shoppe. You can also purchase Forskolin online on websites such as Amazon and Ebay. 

However, your best shot and only reliable online store is SupplementHunt

Purchase In-Store Or Online At Walmart

In stores, costs for Forskolin extract for weight loss can range from $10 dollars to $60. When bought online, prices can sky rocket up to the mid-hundreds, depending on the brand, quality and quantity.

Of course, when purchasing a weight loss supplement, the general concern is finding an affordable product that provides workable weight loss in a reasonable amount of time.

Walmart leads the Forskolin enterprise with about 16 different brands that are sold both in-store and online.

Products include supplements and liquids. Walmart also provides cheaper options compared to GNC and Vitamin Shoppe as their prices can range from $10 to $60.

Purchase In-Store Or Online At Vitamin Shoppe

Vitamin Shoppe is a close second behind Walmart when comes to options and prices. They sell 11 different brands. Prices range from $10 to $35.

Purchase In-Store Or Online At GNC

Surprisingly, GNC doesn’t offer much compared to both Walmart and Vitamin Shoppe. With only 3 different brands, GNC’s prices range from $20 to $60.

It seems that if you want to buy Forskolin extract in-store, than Walmart and Vitamin Shoppe are your better options when it comes to overall variety.

Do Whole Foods Sell Forskolin?

Unfortunately, Whole Foods has not gotten the memo that Coleus Forskohlii weight loss supplements are the new hot product. They do sell Gaia Herb Thyroid Support that contains a small amount of Forskolin extract mixed with kelp and other nutrients.

Other stores beside Walmart, GNC, and Vitamin Shoppe that sell Forskolin extract include CVS and Walgreens.

Can You Buy Forskolin Online?

Of course you can.

If Forskolin extract doesn’t appeal to you, there are online websites that are cheaper and more convenient. The best specialized supplements online store where you can buy Forskolin is SupplementHunt.


Amazon has over eight-hundred Forskolin options that range from $10 to $200.

They sell in bulk and singles, and can be purchased as a pill or liquid. These can be found under the Health & Household section or by entering the word Forskolin or Coleus Forskohlii in the search bar.


Ebay.com is another option. Ranging from $5 to $300, Forskolin brands can be found under the Dietary Supplements section or by entering the word Forskolin or Coleus Forskohlii in the search bar.

However, to benefit from the best prices and offers, buy Forskolin from SupplementHunt.


SupplementHunt remains the safest way for you to buy Forskolin. Indeed, on this website, you'll be sure to benefit from the following advantages :

SupplementHunt sells packages that range from $50 to $100 with 10% pure Forskolin extract to every 150mg. Capsules can come in 60/90/120/180.

Besides, they deliver worldwide. They also offer a free 7 day diet plan and 30 day money back guarantee. All the products are produced in an FDA approved facility. 

Where To Buy Forskolin : The Recommendations

First off, if you decide to buy Forskolin on other stores than the Forskolin official website, you really need to know how to avoid rip-off brands and lack-luster products.

You should always look through the “supplement facts” box on the back of the bottle. There you can find the ingredients used in each brand.

Shopping for fat loss supplements, such as Forskolin extract, can be frustrating. But with the right guide, you’ll be losing weight in no time. Common habits of best Forskolin extract brands (such as Forskolin brands that you find on SupplementHunt include:

  • A full bottle supply: 30 days
  • Standardized Forskolin: 20% pure Forskolin extract per 250 mg (A lower percentage has lower results)
  • 100% Pure Vegetarian Capsules
  • No fillers or additives
  • A daily dose of 500mg/250mg twice a day

That doesn’t mean that cheaper brands that don’t follow all of these habits can’t be as effective or aid in your weight loss goals. But to be sure that you get what you paid for, buy Forskolin from SupplementHunt. 

Where to Buy Forskolin Conclusion

Of course, the best weight loss results come from an active workout routine and a healthy diet. If purchasing fat loss supplement from online websites such as Amazon, make sure to check the seller’s previous reviews and if the brand is FDA certified.

Check here the FDA approved weight loss supplements

When receiving your supplements, make sure that it has not been tampered with or opened. If it has, send it back and request a refund. This should be easy to do if bought on SupplementHunt website. Shopping for weight loss online can seem daunting, but it’s a convenient and effective practice.

As Forskolin grows in popularity, more and more information is discovered and revealed to the public.

Forskolin Extract for weight loss is a great product that you can buy online here!

Have you already tried Forskolin for weight loss? Did it help you reach your weight loss goals? Did you purchase premium pure Forskolin online?

If so, feel free to review and give us your feedback.