Raspberry Ketone Plus Review: Does It Help With Weight Loss?


Updated Mar 18, 2017

The Raspberry Ketone weight loss supplements success-story starts on the Dr. Oz show in 2012.

Since then, it tops the market as one of the most popular over-the-counter weight loss supplements for women.

Available in stores and online, it Ketone is both an effective and affordable option to burn fat.

But what is Raspberry Ketone? What is the best Raspberry Ketone to buy? And how does it help you lose weight?

Pure Raspberry Ketone Plus

In this article, we’ll learn about Evolution Slimming’s Raspberry Ketone Plus, its fat loss and health benefits.

What Is Raspberry Ketone Plus?


Raspberry Ketone Plus is a weight loss supplement of Evolution Slimming companny. For years, it’s been featured on various channels such as ABC Family, Fox News, CNN, and MSNBC.

It's a natural chemical that you find in red raspberries, kiwis, apples, and other various fruits and vegetables.

Possessing a strong fruity odor, it's typically used in perfumes and cosmetics.


Of course, the primary ingredient is Raspberry Ketone. Other ingredients include:

  • Acai Berry Extract

It's another diet pills for women. Acai Berry Extract is an anti-oxidant that cleanses the body whilestimulating cardiovascular and digestive health.

  • Green Tea Extract

You can find it in the leaves and leaf buds of the Camellia Sinensis plant. Green Tea Extract contains high levels of polyphenols (catechins) which give tea its bitter flavor. These polyphenols inhibit the development of fat cells and increases fat oxidation.

  • Kelp

It increases thyroid activity which is necessary for burning fat and sustaining a healthy metabolism.

  • Caffeine

It helps to suppress the appetite and boost the metabolism to help burn fat.

  • African Mango Extract

It helps to reduce fat, cholesterol, and leptin levels in the body.

  • Apple Cider Vinegar Powder

The high pH level in apple cider vinegar helps curb the appetite and control hunger.

All these ingredients come together to support health benefits and fat burning properties.

But are there any Raspberry Ketone side effects? Before we get into that, I’d like to present studies that analyze how safe and effective raspberry ketones for weight loss really are.

Raspberry Ketone Studies

It’s important to note that most Raspberry Ketone studies weren't completed on human subjects.

The first study was conducted in 2005 by The Department of Medical Biochemistry at Ehime University School of Medicine. Their goal is to analyze the effects of the weight loss supplement on individuals suffering from obesity. They began by researching the similar chemical structures between raspberry ketone, capsaicin, and synephrine. Capsaicin and synephrine can alter the metabolism of lipids (fatty acids).

In the experiment, a group of mice was fed a high-fat diet containing 2% raspberry ketones for 10 weeks. Another group was fed a high-fat diet with no raspberry ketones for 6 weeks. For 5 weeks, the second group was fed a high-fat diet that contained 1% raspberry ketones.

The scientists learned that the Raspberry Ketone reduces the weight gained from the high-fat diet. Also, the it increases norepinephrine-induced lipolysis in the mice. Norepinephrine is a hormone released by the central nervous center in response to stress. It acts as a neurotransmitter and can trigger lipolysis (breakdown of fat).

They concluded from this study that Raspberry Ketone aids inpreventing and lowering obesity by increasing norepinephrine.

Other Research

Another study was conducted in 2013 by The Center for Applied Health Sciences in Ohio, U.S.A They conducted an 8 week study on the effects and effectiveness of a multi-ingredient (Prograde Metabolism™)supplement for weight loss. This natural weight loss supplement contains raspberry ketone, caffeine, capsaicin,garlic, ginger and Citrus aurantium.

70 subjects were randomly given either supplements or a placebo. For 8 weeks, they're placed on a calorie restricted diet and received exercise training. They're regularly checked for changes in body composition, blood pressure, and blood sugar.

45 volunteers managed to complete the study. The supplement group had lost more in fat mass, waist girth, and hip girth compared to the placebo group. There were no side effects from mixing various ingredients with raspberry ketone.

The researchers conclude that with a good diet and exercise program, raspberry diet pills are a safe and valuable option for fat loss.

Does Raspberry Ketone Plus Really Work?

Raspberry Ketone plus claims to effectively breakdown fat in cells and burn body fat faster.

It does this by first by triggering the release of norepinephrine and increasing lipolysis (breakdown of fat). Lipolysis, in turn, increases the levels of a hormone called Adiponectin.

Fat cells release Adiponectin and is necessary for regulating the metabolism. By increasing the amount of adiponectin, ketone weight loss pills are able to boost the metabolism, curb the appetite, and burn fat.

Also, Adiponectin helps to regulate blood sugar levels and lower the risks of diseases.

Benefits Of Taking Raspberry Ketone Plus

There are numerous health benefits of taking raspberry ketones, such as:

· Breakdowns stored fat

· Boosts the metabolism

· Boosts energy throughout the day

· Inhibits the development of fat cells

· Aids in fat oxidation

There’s also research that suggests that it may have cosmetic benefits.

The hormone, capsaicin can increase the expression of a skin growth factor that promotes facial skin elasticity and stimulates hair growth.Raspberry ketones have a similar chemical structure to capsaicin and may also promote hair growth.

Unfortunately, we need more research to support this.

Raspberry Ketone Plus Dosage For Weight Loss

No human studies were conducted on the effects and proper dosage of Raspberry Ketone.

However, Raspberry Ketone dosage during clinical studies roughly averages about 0.5-2.18g/kg. So, The human dosage would be 80-340mg/kg which is incredibly high.

For safety reasons, the standard recommended daily dosage is 100-500mgs.

Raspberry Ketone Plus provides 100mg supplements that you can take 10-30 minutes before breakfast and lunch. However, Evolution Slimming warns against taking more than 2 supplements a day.

So make sure to drink 1-2 large glasses of water while taking them to avoid dehydration.

If you want to try Raspberry Ketone Plus, you can buy Raspberry Ketone Plus online HERE.

Raspeberry Ketone Plus For Weight Loss

Side Effects Of Raspberry Ketone Pills

The weight loss pills are “Generally Recognized as Safe” (GRAS) by the FDA. Due to the lack of human clinical studies, it’s hard to say if this is true.

Some reoccurring side effects include:

• Jitteriness

• Increase in blood pressure

• Rapid heart-rate

One report described a shaky, loudheartbeat, or palpitations.

Raspberry Ketone Side Effects And Gas

There’s concern that Raspberry Ketone causes gas, but there are no reports stating that this is true.

It’s a possible side effect for the Raspberry Ketone Colon Cleanse Diet, but that might be due to the colon cleanse supplements.

Raspberry Ketone Side Effects And Hair Loss

There’s a common concern that Raspberry Ketones causes hair loss. Unfortunately, there’s not enough completed studies that prove that hair loss may be a potential side effect.

There is, however, research that suggests that the supplement may promote hair growth, instead.

The hormone, capsaicin, has the ability to increase the expression of a skin growth factor. This growth factor encourages facial skin elasticity and stimulates hair growth.

Raspberry Ketones have a similar chemical structure to capsaicin and may also have the ability to promote hair growth.

Unfortunately, we need more research to support this.

Also, you shouldn't take Raspberry Ketone Plus if you are breastfeeding, pregnant, or suffering from a chronic illness.

If you have diabetes, it may cause an unhealthy drop in blood sugar levels.

Of course, always make sure to check with your primary physician before starting a new diet.

Raspberry Ketone Reviews : What The Customers Say

There are several factors that go into choosing what supplement works for you, like your own diet and workout routine.

So, let’s go to the next best thing: customer reviews.

Positive Reviews

“I can’t believe these actually work…3 months ago, I started taking Raspberry Ketone Plus. I was nearly 16 stone. Since then, I’ve lost almost 2 and a half stone and I could not be happier about it! I’m buying some for my sister too!” Dana - UK

“Totally recommend. A PLUS! I’ve been losing 3-4 pounds a week and have dropped a pants size!” Kelly USA

“My wife told me about Raspberry Ketones after watching the Dr. Oz show. We bought a two-month supply off amazon and have been taking two capsules a day for the past four weeks. They were cheap and shipped fast, which was good. Since then, I’ve lost maybe 5-6 pounds. My wife has lost about 2-3. I’m pretty happy. There haven’t been any side effects and I feel energized every day. I’ll keep posting my results.” Dan - USA

As you can see, quite a few people take ketone weight loss pills regularly and see real results. Of course, these results vary on certain factors such as sex, genetics, and diet. With hard work and discipline, it should be possible to lose weight using raspberry diet pills.

Of course, with every Raspberry Ketone positive review, there are a few negative reviews.

Negative Reviews

“I tried it for a month. Didn’t feel much different. No side effects, but no weight loss, either. Don’t think I’ll try it again.” Scott - Canada

“Horrible product. I might have lost one or two pounds, but that’s all. I hoped for more, but I feel like I’ve wasted my money.” Vairo -  USA

Results can vary on a number of factors. It seems like there is quite a lot of concern about the lack-luster amount of weight lost.

Thankfully, there are very few complaints about side effects and health issues that arose from taking Raspberry Ketone Plus.

Should You Try Raspberry Ketone Plus?

Raspberry Ketone Plus is an affordable, safe weight loss supplement that you can buy online in bulk or monthly supply.

What hurts the weight loss supplement is the lack of clinical studies on human subjects. There’s just not enough research supporting the supplements weight loss abilities.

Despite this, there are numerous positive reviews and testimonials online that claim that the supplement works.

Have you tried Evolution Slimmings’ Raspberry Ketone Plus Supplement?

Did it promote fat loss? If so, do you have before and after pictures you’d like to share? Would you try a different raspberry diet pill?

Feel free to share your stories and experience.