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PhenQ Review: The Weight Loss Pill That Really Work

If finding a diet pill that actually helps you lose weight sounds like a battle to you, then it’s time you learn…

If finding a diet pill that actually helps you lose weight sounds like a battle to you, then it’s time you learn about PhenQ.

It’s no secret that finding a weight loss pill that’s available and affordable is no easy task. Not to mention, finding one that actually works.

PhenQ is one of the best over the counter diet pill that really works.

Many people buy PhenQ because it’s a diet pill that’s works fast and safely. It can help to lose weight fast.

Here, you will find a full review describing why this weight loss supplement is the best for weight loss.

What is PhenQ?

PhenQ is an effective diet pill that is taking the health world by storm.

This special dietary supplement targets fat and works as an appetite suppressant.

PhenQ blocks fat production meaning your results last. The manufacturers have clinically studied their product to ensure its effectiveness.

It's hard to deny PhenQ as the go-to supplement for people wanting to see real weight loss results.

Unlike most supplements, it works to burn stored fat. Then, the body use this burning fat as energy. The body’s use of fat as fuel helps to increase muscle definition. It can also help to improve overall fitness levels.

PhenQ increases metabolism which causes the fat cells to decrease in size. This eventually results in an overall smaller body fat percentage.

Now let’s talk about its ingredients.

PhenQ Ingredients

1. Calcium Carbonate – This mineral keeps bones strong and is effective in helping with weight loss. Here’s how it works: calcium sends the brain messages when the body is full and doesn’t need any more food intake. Limiting food intake is a key part of controlling weight.

2. Capsimax Powder – A blend of B3 (niacin, an essential nutrient for humans), capsicum, caffeine, and black pepper. Black pepper and capsicum (the compound that gives spicy peppers their notorious heat) work together to blast away stored fat.

3. Caffeine – Caffeine is in many natural weight loss pills lists because of its amazing ability to give you energy. It also reduces appetite which helps you to burn fat more effectively.

4. Chromium Picolinate – This special mineral is in many whole grains and vegetables. It helps to curb cravings for carb and sugar-filled foods. By allowing the cells to absorb all the sugar that it can, blood sugar levels are more easily controlled.

5. L-Carnitine Furmarate This important amino acid is usually found in nuts, meat, and green vegetables. It helps the body use stored fat cells as energy so as to burn fat while being efficient.

6. Nopal – Nopal is actually a kind of cactus that’s high fiber levels suppress appetite. It’s high level of amino acids also give you more energy and works to detox the tissues. Getting rid of extra water weight is the first step to getting rid of body fat.

Key Ingredient

Along with these fat fighting ingredients, the key ingredient that makes PhenQ so effective is a-Lacy Reset.

A-Lacy Reset is a combination substance of cysteine and alpha-lipolic acid. Both which lower and neutralize uncharged cells roaming free within the body.

Other ingredients found in the metabolism pill formula are Magnesium Stearate, Sipernat 225, and Silicon Dioxide. These all help you to lose weight.


Still not convinced that PhenQ weight loss pill is as effective as it claims?

We understand, and so do manufacturers. With PhenQ’s new use of the ingredient, a-Lacy, manufacturers knew they had to back up their claims with serious research.

That’s why they conducted the following clinical study.

In this study, done by Bauer Nutrition in 2014, a group of volunteer participants had their body weight, fat, and muscle mass measured after regular use of a-Lacy Reset. The reviewed results were absolutely shocking. People taking the real a-Lacy Reset supplement lost 7.24% of their body weight and 3.44% of their body fat.

Their muscle mass also increased by 3.80%. These are significant numbers that prove the effectiveness of a-Lacy Reset, the special ingredient in PhenQ.

Other studies also help to support that PhenQ is the most effective over the counter weight loss supplement.

For example this study, done in 2005 by the Department of Human Biology at Maastritch University. It shows a group of participants who were taking a dosage of caffeine each day. They lost almost 2% more body fat than the group taking the placebo.

It makes sense that a weight loss supplement would have ingredients that naturally encourage the body to burn fat. Trust us, PhenQ has done their research when it comes to developing the most effective formula.

Another study, conducted in 2012 and published by Cochrane Metabolic and Endocrine Disorders Group, helps to prove how effective Chromium Picolinate can be in weight loss. Nine trials done showed the comparison between people who were taking an actual dosage of Chromium Picolinate and those who were just taking a placebo.

The results showed that those who were taking it lost 1 kg of body weight. This is yet another study backing up the effectiveness of the special weight loss supplement formula.

How Does PhenQ Work?

Not only does this weight loss pill work to burn stored fat but it also helps to suppress appetite.

This means you can achieve your weight loss goals without the discomfort of cutting back portion size or skipping meals.

It also works by blocking fat production all together. With fat production ending before it can even begin, users will notice their weight gain to end. Pounds start to fall off before user’s eyes.

By now, you may believe that PhenQ works, but what about how it makes you feel?

It’s important that whatever weight loss supplement you choose makes you feel positive. It’s true that many supplements have unpleasant side effects including draining energy.

PhenQ is different. It actually acts as a mood and energy enhancer by increasing your serotonin levels. Increased serotonin levels can help you feel energized.

Health Benefits of PhenQ Supplement

PhenQ is special because it makes users feel good, gives people energy to exercise regularly, and helps people burn fat. It’s proven that good diet, effective supplements, and daily exercise can produce great results.

Many ingredients in PhenQ not only assist in weight loss, but also work to improve over all health.

For example, the Capsimax Powder. It's a special blend of black pepper, caffeine, capsicum, and niacin. While these ingredients are all extreme fat burners, they also lower cholesterol levels. Having a normal cholesterol level is crucial to maintaining a healthy weight.

Caffeine is also another ingredient that has other health benefits besides just assisting in weight loss. Caffeine increases metabolism and can actually be useful in memory retention.

PhenQ’s mission isn’t only to help people achieve their wish bodies, but also to help people lead healthy lives.

That’s why Chromium Picolinate is in the formula. Chromium Picolinate regulates blood sugar levels, crucial for combating diabetes.

An increase of muscle mass is another health benefit that regular PhenQ users will notice. Nopal (prickly cactus) lowers blood sugar levels and also increases muscle mass.

While PhenQ users shed off extra fat, Nopal will help to create the appearance of developed and toned muscles.

PhenQ Dosage and Side Effects

PhenQ Dosage

The manufacturers recommend taking 2 pills every day. You should take one pill at breakfast and another at lunch.

Always be sure to drink a full glass of water with each pill. It is not recommended to take more than the recommended daily dosage of 2 pills.

Also, since PhenQ has caffeine, try to avoid taking it past 3 pm as it may affect your ability to sleep.

If caffeine easily affects you, try to limit your intake of caffeinated coffees and teas while taking the supplement.

PhenQ Side Effects

People under the age of 18 should not take PhenQ. Also, people who are pregnant or breast feeding should avoid taking the PhenQ supplement.

It’s always a good idea to talk to your doctor first before starting any dietary.

PhenQ side effects that people experience with taking this weight loss pills are as follows:

  • Nausea
  • Digestive problems
  • Nervousness
  • Uneasiness
  • Dizziness

PhenQ is an all natural weight loss supplement. This means most users don’t have any issues with unpleasant PhenQ side effects.

To limit side effect, be conscious of where you are purchasing PhenQ.

To ensure that you are getting the real formula, buy PhenQ at the following website.

Customer Reviews & Testimonials

Most users are very happy with their results and don’t experience many PhenQ side effects, if any. Most users recommend it to others.

Take a look at the following testimonials to see the astounding results users have experienced with regular, daily use.

You can see she is very happy with her results and has lost 44 pounds with the help of PhenQ. She has noticed herself to feel more active and more motivated to eat healthier.

PhenQ works for men, too. This man successfully lost 11 pounds in just one month of use. He says that PhenQ helped him to feel more confident. It has given him the energy to effectively complete his day.

This woman successfully lost 14 pounds in only 9 weeks. She noticed her appetite to dramatically reduce and she was even motivated to eat healthier and be more active.

This woman went down 2 sizes after 5 months of regular PhenQ use. She makes sure to encourage others to try it and really give it a chance to work its magic. It’s safe to say that most users are more than happy with their weight loss results.

In only one month, this woman has lost 9 pounds. She is so encouraged by her results. She plans to use it for the recommended 3 months to get maximum results. And she notices her overall body shape to be more toned and closer to her desired body.

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Should You Try PhenQ?

This weight loss supplement is a great option if you want to lose weight without unpleasant side effects.

Always check with a trusted healthcare physician to make sure that this weight loss supplement is a good fit for you.

Don’t take it if you are under the age of 18 or if you are pregnant. Also, if you are nursing, don’t take PhenQ.

If you want to know more, you can buy PhenQ here.

Have you tried PhenQ weight loss supplements? If so, leave your testimony below.

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