Best Colon Cleanse – Top 10 of 2018


Updated Oct 27, 2017


Many people turn to one of the many colon cleanse options to help them lose extra pounds and detox their bodies.

As you may or may not know, colon cleanses are popular for a number of reasons. What they actually do is clear out undigested waste built up in your system. This helps your digestive tract absorb key nutrients better.

So what are the best colon cleanse products on the market today? How do they work to detox my body?

If these are questions that you are wondering, then you have come to the right place.

Keep reading to find out the top rated colon cleanse products.

  • 7-Day Detox
  • 7-Day Detox + 7-Day Colon Cleanser
  • Detoxify Mega CleanTwin
  • TwinLab Colon Cleanse
  • Lab Colon Cleanse
  • BeautyFit BeautyCleanse
  • Futurebiotics Colon Green
  • SNC 7-Day Colon Flush
  • Constant Cleanse
  • Nutripharm LipoClen

No prescription needed!

Best Colon Cleanse

It may be true that colon cleanses can help people to lose weight and prevent cancer, but choosing the right product for you can be tricky.

Keep reading this section to learn about some of the best colon cleanse products.

TOP 1 - 7-Day Detox

7 day detox

The 7-Day Detox is among the most popular cleanses. Its special formula is just as effective for men as it is for women which is one of the main reasons is it so popular.

The main goals of this particular supplement are as follows:

  • Flush out your colon
  • Remove all harmful toxins from your body
  • Flatten your stomach

This all natural supplement contains effective weight loss and colon cleansing ingredients including, but not limited to chromium, magnesium, dandelion root, senna, cumin seed, and olive leaf.

Product manufacturers claim that these ingredients are “clinically-backed” which contributes to the products success. 

TOP 2 - 7-Day Colon Cleanser

7 day colon cleanser

The 7-Day Colon Cleanser is within the top two hottest colon cleanse products around. It is effective in getting rid of extra waste built up inside the colon.

It can also help to make your body overall healthier. In one week, this cleanse can help you to:

  • Completely flush out waste from your system
  • Clear your skin of acne and other skin imperfections
  • Decrease bloating
  • Create healthier looking skin and nails
  • Improve your digestion

If you are feeling heavy, fatigued, or are getting unexpected acne breakouts, you may have built up, undigested waste in your colon. 

With the help of effective ingredients including psyllium, flaxseed, cape aloe, black walnut, cascara sagrada, and many other herbs, you can feel and look your best. 

TOP 3 - 7-Day Detox + 7-Day Colon Cleanser


So we’ve learned that both the 7-Day Detox and the 7-Day Colon Cleanser are extremely effective products when used alone. But what about if we use them together?

Using these products together for a week can maximize your cleanse results. These formulas are completely natural making them safe to use together.

Using these two products with one another can:

  • Reduce harmful bacteria build up
  • Cleanse your vital organs
  • Revitalize your body
  • Increase your energy
  • Speed up your metabolism
  • Improves your digestion
  • Prevents weight gain

By using these two products, users can experience a loss of up to 10 pounds in only 7 days. Getting rid of all undigested waste and clearing out harmful bacteria and toxins is key for a good colon cleanse. 

TOP 4 - Detoxify Mega Clean

For people who are experiencing unreasonable levels of fatigue and sluggishness, the Detoxify Mega Clean may be the right supplement.

This specially formulated supplement gets rid of all the harmful toxins that build up in your body every single day. It’s full of helpful vitamins and minerals that safely clean out your colon.

It promotes high energy levels as well as losing weight. The Detoxify Mega Clean’s mission is to:

  • Significantly reduce levels of toxins
  • Cleanse your blood
  • Restock body with healthy vitamins and minerals

This special formula has four main ingredients that make it so effective: burdock, milk thistle, nettle, and uva ursi.

They work together to increase the function of the liver while also efficiently cleansing the colon. Keep Reading here.

TOP 5 - TwinLab Colon Cleanse

Twinlabe colon care

The TwinLab Colon Cleanse is another all natural colon cleanse products that can promote significant loss of weight in a short amount of time. It’s high in probiotics and fiber.

This makes it one of the most body-loving colon cleansers on the market today. If you struggle with gas, bloating, or diarrhea, then this is the perfect colon cleansing product for you.

TwinLab Colon Cleanse works to:

  • Support a healthy colon
  • Support intestinal wellness
  • Safely and naturally detox your body
  • Prevent free radical damage

The TwinLab Colon Cleanse has a unique formula unlike any other. The main ingredients include barley malt seed extract, high fiber grain, and nutrients key for cleansing the colon and supporting colon wellness.

The high fiber grains assist the body in absorbing key nutrients. This can reduce appetite and increase the effects of weight loss. 

TOP 6 - BeautyFit BeautyCleanse

BeautyFit BeautyCleanse is a natural cleanse.This product helps your body expel toxic waste and harmful chemicals. BeautyFit manufacturers know that harmful toxins are all around us.

They’re in the air, food, water, and even in the cosmetic products we use on our skin. It’s time to fight back. This product’s main goals are to:

  • Detox your body
  • Boost your energy levels
  • Improve your body’s reaction to stress
  • Help you achieve an overall healthier body

BeautyFit Beauty cleanse has a special formula made of spirulina, oarsley, oat straw extract, artichoke leaves, fenugreek seeds, dandelion leaves, and turmeric roots.

These ingredients all promote a healthy colon and can even assist in losing weight. Keep Reading here.

TOP 7 - Futurebiotics Colon Green

Futurebiotics Colon Green is completely natural and safe. It’s designed specially to increase the wellness of your digestive system.

If you struggle with intestinal discomfort, constipation, or gas, then Futurebiotics Colon Green may be a good option for you. The main goals of Colon Green are:

  • Promoting intestinal health
  • Lowering cholesterol
  • Managing blood sugar
  • Reduce bloating
  • Increase energy
  • Prevent weight gain

While this supplement may not directly lead you to weight loss, it is definitely one of the best options for promoting overall colon wellness.

This special formula includes sunfiber, alfalfa leaf juice, black walnut hulls, fenugreek seeds, cayenne, and rosemary leaf. Increase your colon and overall wellness by using Futurebiotics Colon Green supplement. Keep Reading here.

TOP 8 - SNC 7-Day Colon Flush

The SNC 7-Day Colon Flush is another fast acting product that can increase your colon wellness and help you to lose significant weight in 7 days.

Most people’s diet consists of high-fat and sugar loaded products. Our bodies can only take so much of these “bad foods”.

The product can help to eliminate all of the built up toxins that are currently residing in your colon.

This product works to:

  • Get rid of harmful toxins and bacteria
  • Improve the function of your bowel
  • Alleviate IBS (Irritable Bowel Syndrome)
  • Increase your metabolism
  • Increase your energy
  • Improve the appearance of hair, skin, and nails

It has 3 main ingredients: psyllium husk, magnesium oxide, and flax seed.

All three of these ingredients are effective in cleansing the colon and can help you to lose weight quickly while also improving the overall wellness of your body. Keep Reading here.

TOP 9 - Constant Cleanse

Since our bodies are constantly under stress, it makes sense that we would need a constant colon cleansing product. Hence the name Constant Cleanse comes in.

This effective cleanse reduces toxins naturally increasing our body’s wellness. This product begins working immediately, so that you can get the healthier, more productive body you’ve been wanting.

Constant Cleanse works to:

  • Detox your entire body
  • Increase colon wellness
  • Help you lose weight
  • Speed up your metabolism

Its active ingredients include vitamin B2, creatine monohydrate, red clover, burdock, dandelion leaf and root, and Echinacea. Start cleansing your colon today with the effective Constant Cleanse. Keep Reading here.

TOP 10 - Nutripharm LipoClen

nutripharm Lipoclen

LipoClen is another one of the best colon cleanse products today. Manufacturers of LiopClen know that the many pounds stored in our colons at any given time is a main contributor to epidemic that obesity is.

That’s why Nutripharm LipoClen works against colon malfunction and can prevent undigested waste from taking away all of your energy or slowing down your metabolism.

The main goals of Nutripharm LipoClen are:

  • Enhance energy levels
  • Improve mood
  • Increase digestion
  • Help in weight loss
  • Detox your body

Nutripharm LipoClen utilizes probiotics, ginger, green tea, and dandelion root to improve digestion and expel toxic waste from the body. 


Colon cleansers are very popular among those looking to detox their bodies.

After reading this list of the best colon cleansers, you too will be on your way to choosing a product right for you. Regular use of natural cleansers can assist you in weight loss and can improve mood, increase metabolism, increase health, and can help the body to expel harmful toxins.

So what are you waiting for? Try one of the colon cleanse products listed above to get on your way to a better, healthier you.