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About: Christopher Dorch

Cristopher Dustch is an expert in several fields. He's a personal trainer, certified health coach, fitness nutrition specialist, weight loss expert, weight management specialist and more! Take a look at his top tips for weight loss!


  • Teaches wellness and health classes in a wide variety of settings, from hospitals and fitness centers to colleges and universities.
  • Works as a certified personal trainer, certified weight management specialist, certified fitness nutrition specialist and certified health coach.
  • Certified through the American Council on Exercise to provide the highest possible level of professional reliability.


Having taught weight loss for over 15 years, Cristopher Dustch is passionate about all aspects of physical health and wellness. He strives to create weight loss content both in print publications and online. Furthermore, he uses the logic of evidence-based health techniques to create the best possible results. Dustch seeks to provide instruction materials that not only encourage others, but also helps those who aren't comfortable in the traditional fitness scene. In his work as a part-time trainer, Cristopher also guides dieters in their exercise, diet and overall health goals. He works alongside other fitness professionals as well as behavioral health specialists and registered dietitians to help clients to eat well and stay active. In addition, he takes into account the lessons of physicians while helping others to reach their weight loss goals!


Dutsch has a Bachelor's degree in Journalism from the University of Oregon, Eugene, as well as a Master's degree from Columbia University, New York. He is also a certified personal trainer (CPT) and certified health coach (CHC) through the Americal Council on Exercise. In addition, he works as a fitness nutrition specialist. In addition, he seeks out regular training to stay up to date with  the world of healthcare and weight loss.

A Word From Cristopher Dustch

When taking the route to weight loss, it's wise to ensure that you have every route covered. From personal habits to strong support systems, you're going to achieve the best results when everything in your life is designed to lift you up. I hope to help you reach your fitness goals by providing education, options to help you through the tough times and advice to keep you motivated. As a result, you'll be able to create positive health habits to help you with achieving balance in health and progress.”

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